This site was created to build momentum behind the idea of removing Tory control from the Totnes constituency. It will be no easy task.

For now the site is impatial to an alternative, but certainly left-leaning, and for now assuming the only viable alternative will develop from among the Liberal Democrats, Labour or Green Party.

We are somewhat unprepared for this 2017 snap election. Originally planning for an election in 2020, this means for this current lead up to June 8th 2017, this will likely serve only as a point of reference and to educate and spark thought (and hopefully debate!) as to the possibility, consider how it might be achieved, and act as an archive and roadmap for future elections in Totnes and a local bid to remove the grip of the Tories in Totnes.

Ideas, collaboration, debate and the like I most welcome. Please use the contact form to be in touch directly or post any comments on specific posts.