What Now After The Local Election Results?

The local council elections of May 4th did not deliver the kind of sweeping Tory defeat we might have dreamed of.

The Conservative Party were the best performers nationally, Laobur tripped up and the Liberal Democrats couldn’t resemble any sort of the ‘revival’ that had been considered. The Green Party performed well, whilst UKIP were completely finished.

So what about locally and what does this mean for Totnes heading into the general election?

The small town distrcit of Totnes and Dartington (which makes up just a fraction of teh overal Parliamentary Totnes constituency), returned a Green councillor once more. Robert Vint, the sitting Councillor had been elected on a Green ticket previously, but had been forced to return to the Liberal Democrats not too long ago, due to internal political issue within the local Green Party.

Vint was unable to defend his position, with Jacqi Hodgson taking the win with a slim majority of 220 votes
Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 11.54.49.png


So should you be voting Green for the Totnes seat based on this information? Well not necessarily. As mentioned, this represents just a fraction of the overall Parliamentary Constituency. When adding together all votes from local council boundarys within the Totnes Parliamentary seat, the local election delivered as follows:


So what does this mean? It means that there may have been a bit of a resurgence for Liberal Democrats locally. However, it is worth considering many people don’t vote the same for local elections as they would in the general.

Yet if the Liberal Democrat vote held and just 11% of the combined 23% vote share between Green and Labour translated to the Liberal Democrats….assuming Tory vote share did not increase (unlikely- local turnout usually fairly representative for GE tory vote), then a defeat is possible.

Not impossible. More to follow.