Does Sarah Woolaston MP have reasons to be concerned?

Hardly for now. We’ve already discussed the challenges of removing Tory, Sarah Woolaston, from the Totnes Constituency seat. She does however seem concerned at the idea of a left-wing alliance forming locally to challenge her.

Speaking to the BBC, Woolaston described the move as ‘anti-democratic‘.

Maybe she forgets the unfair democratic nature of the first past the post electoral system that has put her and much of her peers in her seat of power.

Her comments would be better suited to her own parties insistance on a hard brexit that was not on the table during the referendum and voted for my such a slim amount of the electorate. Or even more suited to the current electoral fraud scandal gripping the Tory party.

On that topic, the media contineu to under-report the magnitude of these cases. teh key point we would like to leave you with tonight is this potential game changer:

“Prosecutors do not have long to make a decision on whether to charge the MPs – there is a different deadline in each case but the first charging decision must be made by May 20 and the others in the following fortnight”.

That’s right. In the midst of a General election, if found guilty, the implication could turn the campaigns on their head and public response could challenge even the safest of seats… W


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