Why Target a Tory Loss in Totnes?

1200px-Totnes2007Constituency.pngWhilst the purpose of this blog will be to help facilitate a switch of political representation for Totnes, we would like to start by respectfully acknowledging the work that the current Totnes MP, Sarah Woolaston, has given, but also wish her well in her future outside of politics.

If you have come to this blog looking for a series of Tory-bashing memes, you will not find it here. Here we assume a certain degree of knowledge of what Conservative PArty politics is and direct our energies to removing it from the locale.

We are in a unique and almost oxymoronic position of potentially having one of the ‘better’ Tory MP’s there are in Parliament. Lone Green MP Caroline Lucas, on a visit to Totnes in January, commented that, “…Totnes was lucky to have such an moderate representative, who speaks her mind probably mroe often than her own party would like.”

Caronline isn’t wrong. Woolaston has often rubbed her party up the wrong way, been outspoken in her general support of the NHS and it’s workers (despite being a member of a party seemingly insistant on it’s demise), and even took a bold step of suggesting a tax rise could be in order to support public services. Yet there is plenty that can not be supported and when push comes to shove, she toes the party line all too much.


So why go after one of the moderate and open-minded Conservatives, in one of the Tory’s safest seats in the counrty?

Because if we can cause an upset in Totnes, prove that political change is possible here, then it proves it can be done anywhere….and we believe it can be done.

The following posts will analyse the current situation of elections in Totnes, consider what recent history tells us and begin to spell out a road map of just how a Tory defeat could be delivered and what might replace it.


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